To apply to be a township commissioner and view the qualifications necessary, please CLICK HERE to view the press release issued by the Monroe County Court. The notice can also be found on the Court and Township websites.

First Class Township Documents

First Class Township Code
Township Commissioner’s Handbook

Pocono Township Makes History in Monroe County

On November 5th, 2013, the voters of Pocono Township, Pennsylvania voted by almost a 2-to-1 margin to make Pocono a “township of the first class.” The official end result was 967 “yes” to 581 “no” votes. A tremendous grassroots effort spearheaded by a large, diverse group of township citizens motivated by the desire for good governance were instrumental in effecting the class change for the betterment of Pocono Township’s future. The voters issued a decisive mandate for changing the Township’s governance to one with greater transparency and propensity to accommodate future growth.

A New Way of “Getting Things Done” in Pocono Township

Pocono Township has grown and changed significantly over the last two decades. As growth has occurred, so has the need for increased professional services for Township operations and intelligent planning in the years ahead. Limited taxpayer dollars are spent on a variety of necessary Pocono Township functions – from road maintenance to police services – and continued diligence is required to make sure these funds are being used as effectively as possible.

Sometimes it is no longer sufficient to simply continue the “old way of doing things” and we must pursue new and innovative ways to meet the needs of Pocono Township. While leaders may identify some areas where change is necessary, it often takes engaged citizens to begin the process of change that will lead to better governance and a bright future in the years to come.

As members of the Pocono First Initiative©, we believe we have found a better way and we invite you to join the effort of helping bring about a first class township in Pocono Township.

What does being a “first class township” mean?

A first class township entails the following:

  • A five member board of commissioners.
  • Commissioners cannot be township employees.
  • Four-year terms for commissioners.
  • Increased financial resources for professional services.
  • A better way to accommodate future growth.
  • Honest and transparent decision-making.

Please see our “Facts” and “Frequently Asked Questions” pages to learn more about why a first class township is the best choice for our Township’s future.


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